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Welcome to THE BEE'S KNEES- Antiques & Thrift

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"Well ain't that just the Bee's Knees!"

We draw our inspiration from a popular slang phrase from the 1920's, "the bee's knees", meaning "the best" or "awesome".   

And we think that's exactly what you'll find here.

We strive to curate a fine and eclectic selection of quality antique and vintage items, as well as a few upscale modern pieces.  We also have an area dedicated to the more practical every day items at great prices.    Whatever strikes your fancy, you'll enjoy shopping for it with us. 

What we offer-

The front of the store is full of great evocative items that delight the senses.  But there's much more going on behind the scenes.   Click below for more information about our programs, events, and what else we offer.


Take a look inside the store at some of the amazing treasures that are available now


We gladly except quality and high-end items in excellent condition for consignment.   More information ...

Donated Items

Donations of your unneeded items are always welcomed and help us raise money for local charities. More information...


Sometimes we dream bigger than our wallets.. That dream can come true with our lay-a-way program.  Get details here.

Outdoor Yard Sale/ Craft Bazaar

Our monthly outdoor event has become a huge hit for shoppers and vendors!  Find out more.....

Online Store

Shop our online store for a selection of featured merchandise. Not all items are available online. 

Find us-

  • Monday - Tuesday
  • Wednesday - Saturday
    10:00am - 05:00pm
  • Sunday
    12:00pm - 04:00pm

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