Giving Back to the Community

We love spreading good vibes and are thrilled to be able to support great local charities through financial support, providing needed items and with community promotion.   

All of your instore purchases and donated items for resale help us continue to support these wonderful groups.  


We have a wide range of non-profits we support and are always open to new causes. If your non-profit has a need or would like to be involved in one of our community events, click below to let us know.

Request Support for your non-profit!

A Glance at Some of Our Recently-Supported Non-profits.

We appreciate all the great work these groups are doing and are happy to help them with their mission.  There's too many groups to list them all but here are a few we'd like to highlight. 

Please take a moment to learn about these programs and consider supporting them however you can.   Your in-store purchases and item donations help us to give back on your behalf.  Thank you!

Sandhills Children's Center

An Early Childhood development center that specializes in children with physical, and developmental disabilities. 

Look for our store-sponsored items at their various charity auction events throughout the year- like this "80's Craze" themed set at the Festival of Trees fundraiser.  Our retro tree was a crowd favorite! Don't miss this "must see" event!

 Union Pines High School Band

We believe the arts are important to both the artists and the audience, so we are happy to sponsor our local high school band and help them participate in competitions.

Animal Advocates of Moore Co.

Helping cats and dogs of Moore County to find forever homes and get the care they need.  

Bedding, towels and pillows that aren't suitable for resale are donated to Animal Advocates and used while fostering or caring for animals.    Consider donating any of your damaged beddings or towels to them as well!

Look out for adorable adoptable pets at one of our community yard sales- you might find a real treasure to take home!

Males of Distinction

An Awesome mentor program helping at-risk teen boys in our area. 
We teamed up with this great group to sell Pizza at our community yard sale to raise funds and spread the word about their program.  We were impressed by the hard-working young men

Moore County Schools

We know how important it is to have the required tools in school.  So, we like to donate pens, pencils, paper, etc. to the various schools because no kid should have to go without the basic necessities, and the teachers shouldn't have to pay for classroom supplies!  Some items are purchased, and some have been donated to the store.       
Consider dropping off children's books, and office supplies to your local school, especially in the spring semester when classroom budgets are winding down.  Or leave them with us and we'll donate them! 

The Tides

The Tides, Inc. helps pregnant women as they navigate recovery from Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) and work to become healthy moms having healthy babies.

We are so thrilled to be able to supply The Tides with furnishings and baby care items for their new recovery home in Southern Pines, NC. The home provides a safe and supportive environment for both mother and child as the moms work break free from a difficult addiction.

Pinecrest Athletics Club (PAC)

Sports are essential for healthy physical, mental and social development.  But it's no easy task to provide over 1000 students with the sporting opportunities and equipment they need.   Outside fundraising is essential. 

We are proud to "Back the Pac!" and hope you will also.  Look for us and our donated gift baskets at the annual "Back the Pac" fundraising event.   Hope to see you there!

Can we help your Cause?

Let us know what great things you are doing for the community and how we can help you...   

We may be able to offer funding, specific items, or provide a free booth at our community sale so you can promote your cause or events!