What type of items do you consign?

We accept a variety of unique antique, vintage or upscale -modern items that will appeal to our customers.  As a general rule of thumb, we require all consigned items to have a resale value of $50 or more.  Some smaller similar items may be grouped into a $50+ set.  We cannot accept lower value items because we spend a great deal of time cleaning, researching, pricing, and managing the items, and lower valued items will not cover the time and costs we have in each item. 

What is the commission split?

In general, we offer a 50/50 split.  Other arrangements can be made in special circumstances at the time of the agreement, but only for very unique and high-end items.    The 50/50 split is required to cover the cleaning, researching, pricing, booking and other time that goes into the products, as well as the general overheard like utilities, rent and labor. 

We also offer the option of receiving 60% in store-credit, versus 50% in the form of a check!  The store credit is good for 6 months after issue.  That's a great option if you are redecorating.

I have items I'd like to consign.  What do I need to do?

If you feel your item meets our above criteria, please send us a photo of the item with details about how long you've owned it or it's age (if you know), and what you paid for the item if you purchased it new. Any history or providence you have on the piece is also helpful.   Please note any damage to the item in your description and photographs.  If you have a minimum amount that you'd like to receive for the item, please include this as well. 

We will review the photos and information you sent and will consider four things.  1) Is there a market for the item and do we think our customers will be interested in it?   2) Do we have space in our showroom at the time?  3)Do we currently have other items like it?  4) Based on the market research, do we think we can sell it for a high enough price to meet your request. 

We will respond to your email within a few days and let you know if we can take the item now, take the item at a later date, or we will not be able to consign your item.   Then we will schedule a time for you to bring your item(s) into the store.  We have a consignment agreement that you will need to review and sign.  So please plan to bring your items in personally so you can review the agreement. 

Do you pick up consigned items?

Unfortunately, we do not have the staff or means to do that at this time.  If you have large furniture pieces that need to be delivered to the store and you are not able, we have contact info for delivery companies that we trust.  We can arrange pick up on your behalf.   They charge by the hour and local pick up typically costs between $60-$85 for one large item or several smaller items.   

If you are interested in DONATING items that need to be picked up, we will pay for the delivery.  

What other options are there if you can't consign my item?

If we've told you we can consign the item at a later date, and you need the item removed from your home quickly, we may be able to store in offsite.  Ask a staff member for more info.

If we have multiple items like yours or can't accept your item for other reasons, you should consider renting a spot in our monthly outdoor COMMUNITY YARD SALE & CRAFT BAZAAR.    Vendor spots are large enough for several tables worth of small items, or multiple pieces of furniture.  See our yard sale section for more info on this easy and affordable option. 

Can I donate my proceeds to charity?


If you have a specific charity in mind, we will mail them your share of the proceeds when the items sell.    If you are just being generally good hearted and not particularly concerned with who gets the aid, you can opt to "donate" the items.   The funds we raise from donated items allow us to give back to a variety of local charities.


-ALL items must be in very good to excellent condition for their age.
-Please clean all items before consigning them.
-Let your family know you are planning to consign the item.  If a family member decides they wanted the item AFTER consigning, there is a 25% penalty fee to release the item from consignment prior to the expiration of the agreement.  Sometimes the kids surprise you about which items they'd like to "inherit".  
-Consignments checks are available for pick up at the store any time after the 15th of month following the month the item sold.   You may stop by or call to see if you have a check.  We will not contact you. 
-The market for antiques fluctuates.   Just because you paid $1000 for the dish set twenty years ago, doesn't' mean you will get that now. 
                     The market is down on these items now and they may not be consignable-
                                               Large China Dish Sets
                                               Sterling Silver plated table ware and serving items
                                               Crystal/ Glassware/ Stemware
                                                Ceramic figurines of people
                                               Depression glassware - unless it's a rare color or item.