Frequently Asked Questions about Donations

What kind of items do you accept?

We happily accept new or gently used home decor or home furnishings in good condition.   Jewelry, Books, CDs DVDs, and Albums are also accepted.  

Items that sell well include wall art, seasonal decor, furniture, books, jewelry, small collectibles, bedding and rugs, lamps, and new or like-new cookware.

Crafting items will be sold or donated to local art programs. 

Please call us before donating large items to ensure we have room and help to unload before you arrive. 

Are there items you DON'T accept?

Dirty, damaged or broken items cannot be accepted. *

We are not currently accepting shoes or clothing (unless it's decidedly vintage), coffee mugs or drinking glasses, mechanical equipment, large electronics, plumbing or home repair items, disposable items or consumables. 

A good rule of thumb- if it's pretty, we'll take it!   If you bought it at Lowes hardware, then probably not. ;-)

We can't sell any operational firearms, but the store next door, Eastwood Outfitters, can discuss options about your firearms.  

We can make recommendations for other resale store/ charities that accept any items that we don't. 

*Bedding, towels, pillows, or curtains that are damaged will not be sold but can be accepted to pass along to local animal shelters to use for bedding.  You can bring those to us, or take them yourself to your nearest, or preferred animal shelter.  They are always in need. 

Will I receive a tax donation letter?

We are not able to give tax donation letters to donors, because even though we work hard to raise funds for local charities, we are not personally considered a charity.   

We can recommend other charitable organizations that accept donations, if you are in need of a tax receipt.  However, we've found that with current tax laws, most people do better taking the standard deduction than itemizing, so the receipt isn't necessary.  

Will you pick up donations?

If you have large items like furniture or have many boxes of items left over from an estate, or similar, we can pick up the items.   

Please give us notice and allow us a few days to arrange pick up.  We don't have enough staff to dedicate someone for pick-ups, so it will likely require pick-up after hours.  

Call the store if you need to arrange pick up.  

When can I bring in donations?

You may bring in donations any time we are open.  However, Saturdays tend to be busier and isn't always the best day.  Wednesday and Sundays are great days for dropping off donations.  

For small items, just bring them through the front door.   If you have large items are lots of items, it may be better to park behind the store.   

Can I choose what local non-profit benefits from my donation?

If you are donating any items worth more than $50 each, we can absolutely earmark the sale of the item to go directly to your preferred charity.   If the items sell for less than that, we put those proceeds in the pot that gets distributed.    There's a lot of work involved with tracking the sale of items and it requires a good deal of accounting, so we have to limit it to the higher priced items only. 

You can also ask your favorite non-profit to reach out to us so we can consider them for our sponsorship program.